Acer eDisplay Management

Acer eDisplay Management 1.0

Hides the complexity of MCCS and the DDC/CI behind a simple, easy-to-use Windows application
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Portrait Displays, Inc.

Acer eDisplay Management is a friendly, simple, easy-to-use Windows application that hides the complexity of MCCS and the DDC/CI setting.

Main features:

- Straightforward menu choices lead to screens that clearly explain what to do and why.
- Familiar sliders and buttons make adjustments easy.
- The Acer eDisplay Management wizard guides the screen adjustment process when a monitor is set up for the first time.
- The end-user can quickly adjust brightness, contrast, focus (choosing the native resolution), position and color balance/temperature.
- Users can store settings and quickly recall them, so different settings can be used for different applications or room lighting conditions.

Acer eDisplay features:

- Superior Color Management.
- Value Asset Management.
- Theft Deterrence.
- Display Rotation.

Acer eDisplay Management makes operating with MCCS and the DDC/CI a simple and easy job.

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